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Joachim Witt / live-recording & premasteringSecret-Garden Festival Hannover 2005
Dust of basement / live-recordingSong Of Sorrow live at the secret garden
Spiritual Front / live-recording,mixing & premasteringbastard Angel
Seabound "COME FORWARD/LIVE IN BERLIN" Release April 2008, Metropolis Records MET536/live-recording,mixing,editing & premasteringCome Forward/Live in Berlin
Rotersand "I-CRY EP+DVD (Limited Edition)"Release September 2008, Trisol Records TRI340 /Live-Tracks on DVD: live-recording,mixing & editingI-CRY EP+DVD (Limited Edition)
Psyche "Disorder "Digital-EP" Release 2008",live tracks recorded mixed and premastered Psyche - Disorder "digital-EP"
Obscenity Trail "über´s wasser gehen" limited edition, Remote music:RMT002 / live tracks on CD: live-recording Obscenity trial
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